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Business Law

The area of business law can cover a wide variety of different legal matters, from commercial litigation and bankruptcy, to business disputes and probate issues. That's why at Maples Law Firm, PC, we’ve assembled an experienced team with extensive knowledge in virtually every area of business and bankruptcy law so that we can explore every single option available to our clients in any legal matters they are facing. Over the years we've learned that legal issues can present a long list of problems that can slow or even completely disrupt business operations — and that can place a significant amount of stress on you and your family. That's why when our clients come to us, we're committed to thoroughly examining the details of your business and the legal matters surrounding your case so that we can formulate a plan to quickly move your case forward and keep your business going.

We're prepared to fight for your interests.

No matter what issue you're facing, our firm will be personally invested in the success of your case. To that end, we understand that sometimes disputes need to be resolved in the courtroom in order to obtain the best possible outcome. Our firm is confident in our ability to fight for you and your business in any setting, including inside the courtroom. The attorneys at Maples Law Firm are skilled and experienced litigators with the ability to form a strategy that can maximize your chances for a successful outcome. Our job is to provide you with the highest level of counsel and litigation tactics so you're prepared to face any challenge.

Is your business facing legal troubles?

Let us help you through

We can provide you with the relief you need.

At Maples Law Firm, PC, we provide all of our clients with a methodical approach that involves a detailed investigation into any and all legal matters your business is facing. We can run a multifaceted analysis of all commercial financial problems in order to resolve your issues as swiftly and as simply as possible. Our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind you need so you can focus on what matters most — running your business.

We represent both debtors and creditors.

Our firm has worked extensively with both creditors and debtors in out of court workouts and liquidations, which includes the acquisition of assets from distressed entities. We can represent debtors and creditors in commercial bankruptcy cases and have experience acting as appointed trustees or state court receivers in a variety of matters. When working with debtors, we strive to successfully bring your company out of distress. If this isn't possible, we will outline an effective strategy to minimize the potential negative effects on you and your business. When working with creditors, we work to maximize recovery while also minimizing any risk caused by the filing of bankruptcy. Ultimately, we're here to serve you and your interests by exploring every possible legal avenue that's available to you and your case.

Business Law Attorneys in Alabama

If you’re facing a complex legal matter involving your business, you’ll need an attorney that knows how to successfully navigate any legal matter that can bring your business to a halt. The attorneys at Maples Law Firm, PC have extensive experience helping Alabama residents overcome a variety of different legal obstacles. Call today and put our experience on your side.